1. Share your project journey

Allow the others to understand and appreciate your efforts, and possibly help you

2. Invite others to follow your project

Entrepreneurial journeys do not have to be lonely. Let your friends and famiy members know what you are up to. Your supporters can help you or rally for you so that you can build up your project as quickly as possible.

3. Ask for help from the community

Time is important in building your idea or getting your project going. Help and advice allow you to solve problems quickly and keep moving toward your goals.

4. Use a mixture of words, pictures & videos to share your journey

Use the quickest way to express yourself, your idea and your challenges to save time and allow others to better understand your needs, so that they can provide meaningful help or advice to you.
  • What should u talk about in your project updates?

    Focus on the content of your project, suchas the idea, your inspiration to start this project, the challenges and the ones that you have overcome, the joy of seeing milestones, etc. If you are using video, it would be easy for the others to connect with you because you are talking to them.

  • How can u record a video about my project?

    Use your smartphone, camera or computer to record videos of yourself explaining your project or the challenges that you have. Speak confidently, yet slowly and clearly, so that your followers can understand your project better.

5. Put your project videos or pictures online

Your videos and pictures are working hard to share your project journey with followers or garnering new ones while you focus on building your project

6. Give back to the community

We want this community to grow because we support each other in dfferent ways possible. When you are becoming more exprienced as an entrepreneur, it would be satisfying for you to help the others who might be treading the same path as you once did.
  • What could u do to help the others?

    Follow projects that interest you and resonate with you. Give them help or advice whenever you can, or refer them to another source for information. Give other entrepreneurs encouragement or support as they are soldiering on in their journeys.

  • How often should u give back to the community?

    You can do it regularly as you please or whenever time permits. The more help you render to the others, we hope in the future more help will be forthcoming when it is your turn to look for help.