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We are a cultural design company that seeks to create values-based cultures that develop great teams and collaboration while creating a space of allowance for people to be innovative and explorative.


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I am Ethan, an ex-medical student, TEDx speaker, and educator who has been focusing on developing the ability to help people raise their emotional awareness, mental clarity and overall consciousness of their biases throughout my teenagehood till today. Undelusional is a natural extension of it to make it a scalable system for others to also benefit from what I've learnt in the years I was a medical student, psychotherapy student, and merging those skillsets with knowledge in arts, science and humanities as a working international musician, entrepreneur, and author. Having discovered that I have mild autism only much later, I realised how my ability to overcome the inability to understand other people's thoughts and intentions became a strength of mine. In the world of the autistic mind, context and social cues were impossible for me to read, so I had to develop my own system as a complete alien to human culture, to understand how others actually think, feel and mean. And what Undelusional is doing is building the world to my dream, where I believe that everyone can live to the highest standards of themselves and be authentic and communicative and empathetic.

Project Inspiration

Undelusional started as a company that is an evolution of my journey into my passion for mental health. Being trained in psychiatry and psychotherapy, both of which I left due to systemic reasons, I believe in raising human consciousness and helping people live the most wholesome and effective versions of themselves through mental health support. My team joined me as they had personally experienced the effects of the fruits of my labour in developing methodologies to help people develop themselves, and having experimented with it themselves, found it a fulfilling path. Therefore we believe that people can have fulfilling, holistic lives.

About Us

We have four core team members, myself, James, Aloysius and Anya. Will fill this up more later.