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Employee Corporate Social Responsibility Management platform. Enable easy tracking and reporting of employees' CSR activities. Employees to introduce their chosen charities. Donations are paid on a reimbursement basis.


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I used to be a flight attendant and was able to see first hand the inequalities in the world. There was once, in Italy, I was approached by a pregnant beggar, but due to the general stigma that beggars are part of a syndicate, I did not give her money but bought her a meal instead. To this day, I wonder what happened to her. Doing research into the industry I found all manners of mismanaged money. For example in 2010, the American Red Cross raised 500million dollars for the Haiti Earthquake Relief, but they only built 6 permanent homes. It's time to make the charity sector more efficient and accountable.

Project Inspiration

I want to create accountability in the third sector. People who want to do good, should not have to doubt where the money is going.

About Us

Ethan Seow - Biz Dev. Sarah Ooi - Legal. Oliver Dolan - Tech.