Ysi sea group 1

Team 1 - YSI SEA 2019

Keywords of our project would be sociopreneurship, technology and sustainability


  • 27-05-2019

  • 05-04-2019

    Thumb donnie yen
    Hassan Moosa
    8 months ago

    Hey Group1 - I am curious to know if and what kind of challenges you have faced with while identifying the suitable problems to tackle? Thanks.

  • 26-03-2019

    Thumb donnie yen
    Hassan Moosa
    9 months ago

    Hello YSI SEA 2018 Group 1. Hi Arul, Khoi, Masie. This is Hassan @utoocentral. Thank you very much for sharing your project journey. It is great to learn that you have put in a lot of efforts in learning about each other and and understanding each other perspectives wheh it comes to approach, issues that might appeal to you individually, etc.. I can't wait to find out more about your project. Very glad to be able to follow your journey. Good luck to all of you!

    Thumb  dsc6145
    9 months ago

    Getting off to a good start Group 1! I have confidence that you will be able to overcome the challenges of working in different timezones and rise beyond that to a great solution eventually. Keep going :) -Surya

  • 26-03-2019

YSI SEA Group 1 is one of total 9 groups for this year YSI SEA Programme

Project Inspiration

We are the group 1 of YSI SEA Batch 2019, Here we would like to share our progress during the creation of startup to support SDGs

About Us

Team Member 1. Arul, Indonesia 2. Khoi, Vietnam 3. Maisie, Vietnam Impact Partner: 1. Surya, Singapore