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Online gaming & Esports


Josudo is an e-learning platform for gaming and esports. It aims to help gamers get better through personalised 1-on-1 coaching, 1-to-many classes, structured video lessons and leagues and tournaments. https://josudo.com


  • 11-10-2019

    We've just released the newest version of our platform, with features such as coach booking, streaming video lessons and tournament signup already live! Stay tuned for more tools to help you get better at the game of your choice at https://josudo.com
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  • 24-02-2019

    First video update from Josudo! We are looking for coaches, streamers, content creators and gaming communities to collaborate with and work together! Drop an email at anik@josudo.com
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    Chee Keong
    over 3 years ago

    Hey Anik. Like your video and get to know more about JOSUDO. Great stuff. Curious to know how you work with the coaches to create unique experiences or good lessons for the learners? In terms of content creation, I do a bit of videography and photography work. What have your got in mind? Cheers!

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    Anik Islam
    over 3 years ago

    Hi Hassan, thanks a lot for the questions! For the coaches, we vet each and every one of them in terms of skill levels and ability to teach. The fact that each coaching session is very much personalized for each and every user makes this a unique experience. Each user is having his/her own mistakes, inefficient habits and wrong decisions being identified by the coach, with a report/practice curriculum being given at the end of coaching session, catering to his/her needs! But if coaching is too big of a step for someone, Josudo also offers video lessons. These are video series, consisting of 5-10 videos each 3-5 min long, discussing about different aspects of the game. Imagine a Udemy for gaming. And we are infact looking for these content/video creators for the video lessons! Basically this will involve explaining a certain topic by capturing screen grabs of the game (to show it in action). We will help from our side in deciding the topic and editing the videos. And best of all its a PAID gig! So please do reach out if anyone is interested :)

  • 21-11-2018

    Hi everyone, this is our first post at Utoocentral, a blog post on why esports coaching makes sense. Here's the link: https://josudo.com/why-personalized-esports-coaching/ As for Josudo, we have launched the MVP of our website: https://josudo.com We believe that any gaming entity should have a community driven support to it, the same goes for Josudo. This is why we are actively trying to forge relationship with the first adopters of our personalized esports coaching platform and work closely with them to make the coaching experience better. And we will love to hear from you as well. If you have any questions, feedback or simply want to say hello, do reach out to me at anik@josudo.com
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    Hassan Moosa
    over 3 years ago

    Wow! Do you have coaching for gamers of all levels? Like even absolute beginners..

    Marcus Tan Sin Yik
    over 3 years ago

    Does Josudo cater to competitive/professional gamers from other genres like Hearthstone, Artifact, Starcraft2, etc?

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    Anik Islam
    over 3 years ago

    @Hassan: With the coaching, we are mainly catering to gamers who have at least some experience/idea about the game, or have plateaued at a certain skill level. For absolute beginners, we will be putting in curated video lesson series on our website and Youtube channels that absolute beginner gamers can follow along. :)

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    Anik Islam
    over 3 years ago

    @Marcus: Hi Marcus, we are currently focussing on Dota 2, LoL, Fortnite and Overwatch. But we will soon be expanding into other major esports/competitive titles like the ones you mentioned, especially Hearthstone and Artifact!

My cofounders and I have been passionate gamers at heart, with thousands of hours of gaming under our belt. Despite the incredible rise of esports in the recent years, there seems to be a lack of structured pathway for people improve (as opposed to the traditional mindset of grinding through the games and EVENTUALLY getting better). That's where the idea behind Josudo came about. Josudo aims to help gamers get better via 1-on-1 personalized esports coaching. Gamers are matched with coaches best suited to their skill levels and their desired areas of improvement. In addition, gamers will have access to curated video lesson. Josudo is currently focused on catering to the huge population of gamers in the South East Asia in an effort to connect gamers with coaches from the same region. Esports pro players are no longer playing from their mom's basement, they are making a proper living out of it and even earning millions overnight. But still there seems to be a lack in some structured pathway and/or efficient ways of improving at certain games and making it into the pro teams. This where Josudo comes in to bridge the gap. My cofounders and I have found most of the traditional ways of improving at games (youtube videos, twitch streams and forum posts) to be very slow and time consuming. And we haven't had the opportunity to make it to anything beyond amateur tournaments. But what we would like, is to vicariously live through the journey of other aspiring gamers improving and, even better, make it into a professional team someday!

Project Inspiration

I have been a gamer all my teenage and adult life and had taken part in some amateur gaming competitions (the outcomes were miserable, so don't bother asking!). Despite regularly spending an hour or two playing online games, I feel my skills have plateaued. These days I spend a fair bit of time watching other player people play with the hopes of improving myself. But at times it felt like it wasn't the most efficient way of learning. That's where the inspiration for Josudo came about!

About Us

Aman Yadav (Product and Strategy), Anik Islam (Operations and PR), Jesus Garbayo (Business Development and Marketing)