1. About utoocentral

We are a community crowdsourcing platform where entrepreneurs can share their journeys from the moment an idea is born. On each arduous venture-building journey, we encourage entrepreneurs to communicate, ask for help from the community so that they can build out their idea as quickly as possible. Many of entrepreneurs’ challenges have been experienced and dealt with before by the others. Often there are readily available solutions or experiences waiting to be tapped into.

Are we worried about people taking the others’ ideas? We are big believers in operational execution competence and indomitable passionate pursuit. Ask any successful entrepreneurs, building a great business takes a lot more efforts in addition to a great idea.

For any idea, time to market is important. Taking actions and getting things done are essential for entrepreneurs. Get help from the community, give back and help the others in the community.

2. utoocentral welcomes all entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs come in all forms and shapes. They can be mediapreneurs, micropreneurs, earthpreneurs, kidpreneurs, scoiopreneurs, infopreneurs, e-preneurs, intrapreneurs, mompreneurs, solopreneurs, socialpreneurs, volunpreneurs, multipreneurs, studentpreneurs or ecopreneurs because of different areas of interests. They all share common traits of having a can-do attitude, willingness to try and desires to make a difference.

3. utoocentral has a dream

Help entrepreneurs to build successful ventures. We want more entrepreneurs to succeed and turn their dreams into reality.

4. utoocentral has a mission

  • i. Cultivate a supportive, honest but take-no-prisoners environment for entrepreneurs to share and learn from each other

  • ii. Enable entrepreneurs to ask for help and encouragement from the others on their journeys to realise their dreams

  • iii. Enable entrepreneurs to build a following on their journeys

  • iv. Encourage community and entrepreneurs to help the others and build a vibrant, innovative and inclusive economy

  • v. Inspire each other to build successful businesses and benefit our society

5. utoocentral appreciates values

Integrity. Innovative. Universal. Inclusive. Scientific.

Human. Social. Simple. Informative. Accountable.

6. utoocentral follows some ground rules

  • i. Respect each other

  • ii. Agree to disagree

  • iii. Don’t post anything when you are angry

  • iv. Ask honestly. Decline politely.

  • v. No room for hate or hostility and negative vibes.