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YSISEA Team 4 Impact Start-Up Journey

We are Team 4 of the YSI SEA 2019 impact start-up programme. We're working together to help poten...
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YSI SEA 2019 Operations

We are the co-founders of YSI SEA, and we truly believe that youth have the ability to solve sust...
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[Group 6] YSI SEA 19 utoocentral Video Journal

As part of showing the commitment to personal growth, reflection is essential! YSI SEA Group 6 Me...


Being an online seller, it’s hard to grow your online business, let alone manage your inventory a...
Online gaming & Esports


My cofounders and I have been passionate gamers at heart, with thousands of hours of gaming under...
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The Best Gift Ever - Short Film Production

My name is Thomas and I am looking for small funding for this project.